Saturday, January 28, 2012

A New Beneficiary

The James Tolin Memorial Fund is pleased to announce the addition of our newest beneficiary: The Tyler Clementi Foundation.

As you may remember, Tyler was a Rutgers University freshman who, after having a private encounter with another man broadcast over the Internet by his roommate and another so-called friend, took his own life by jumping from the George Washington Bridge in September of 2010.

Based in New Jersey, The Tyler Clementi Foundation is dedicated to the prevention of teen suicide and bullying. Started by Tyler's parents so that some good might come from his tragic death, the Foundation's motto is "Live = Let Live."

The bullying and consequential suicides of LGBT kids is at an epidemic rate in this country. The JTMF is committed to put an end to this epidemic, while still working towards putting an end to HIV/AIDS.

A portion of the proceeds from our recent radio-play production of A Christmas Carol have been donated to the Tyler Clementi Foundation and we look forward to finding a way to partner with them in an effort to promote acceptance, trust and peace between LGBT and straight youth.

To that end, please join us this April for Hairspray, the hit musical that celebrates diversity and promotes social harmony. Tickets are on sale now.

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