Thursday, March 29, 2007

Question of the Week (3/30)

Anonymous asks:

"The cast sounds great! What about everyone else involved? Are the technicians, designers and production staff volunteers too?"

Thanks for a terrific question! Yes, our entire team is compromised of local volunteers. The show's director, Brian A. Bara, is a member of the JTMF board and has been acting, directing, designing and writing for stages in NY, NJ & PA for over 30 years. Production Stage Manager, Bruce Frangione, also on the JTMF board, started his Community Theatre career with the JTMF, helping out backstage with our productions of Jeffrey and Torch Song Trilogy. He has since gone on to work with other local companies such as Maurer Productions and Like40 Productions. Set designer Pete Labriola has been with us from the beginning, as well. He runs Perriot Productions and has been part of the local theatre scene for many years. Costumer Michelle Rittman's Rittzy Productions recently costumed another NJ production of Psycho Beach Party. She and her mother, Ruth, work with many of the companies who call Kelsey 'home.' Lighting designer Bob Terrano, Director of Entertainment Technology at MCCC, has also donated his services since Jeffrey. Sound designer, Jody Person, is director of the Theatre Arts program at MCCC and appeared as Mr. Charles in last year's benefit, What Causes Homosexuality? Finally, producer, Event Coordinator and JTMF Founder Tracy Antozzeski, has been part of the Kelsey Theatre family since the early 1980's, producing, directing and stage-managing for dozens of productions over the years.

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Anonymous said...

Will there be any other pre-show events, besides the Bordentown Beach Party?